Which Surveys Actually Pay Money?

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7 Tips to Find out the Best Paid Online Surveys

So you are totally up to be working from home and decided to go for paid surveys. How would find the legit surveys for money?

Get the quick free 7 tips on how to get paid for taking surveys. Read and follow them if you want to get started as easy and smooth as you can. 

Online Paid Surveys
  1. Research a little and find out what's the company's online reputation. Check out the website's business name. In the United States, for instance, you can check the local business bureau. If the website does not provide any contact information, terms of use or privacy policy, think twice before you jump in.
  2. Check the about page of the website/company and make sure the company actually conducts for real manufacturing companies. Have a look at the clients they list on their page. If you can't find any, they may be affiliates for a legitimate company and that is the case, try to investigate a little on them too. Affiliates can be totally legit but might want to check where you end up at.
  3. Watch out and be sure to protect your privacy. look around the company's website and see if you can find any suspicious words indicating your information may be shared with others. Look for the obvious words like 'share' or perhaps something a bit more hidden like: "partners" or "associates", when you see that - dig in more..
  4. If you're not aware of the term called 'spyware' by now, you should, especially if working online is your goal.. Try to avoid any websites that require you to download any type of software to use their service. You don't really need special software in order to complete any legit Online surveys for money, The software is most likely spyware that will track your internet usage and purchasing habits and the next day you'll be getting tons of adds.. In worse cases, that software could also collect user ids, passwords and all sorts of information you do did not have any intention to share.
  5. Payment method is another thing you really want to pay attention to. Some sites pay real money-cash, others pay in points that can be turned in for gifts/gift cards or cash, some offer products, sweepstakes entries and so on. If you are interested in a website that offers several different methods of payment, you might want to know which one applies to the survey you are being offered and what is the process you are about to have in order to be paid.
  6. Screening questions can be offered if the surveys considered profitable. Some sites will pay you for the screening survey while others might not. It is not recommended to fill out your profile and answer those screening questions only after you are sure of the legitimacy of the site.
  7. Try to follow your earnings and list records once you are already registered and working. And last but not least, set up an email address strictly and only for surveys so you don't get a lot of spam in your regular email account in case you did not follow all the tips up here.

You've read Which Surveys Actually Pay Money?, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.