10 Most Thrilling Travel Adventures You Must Experience in Your Life.

10 most thriling travel adventures you must experience in your life

Travelling gives you unforgettable memories all the time. You always can go on a casual vacation trip or you can seek travel adventures to add some thriller to your travel memories. After you come back home from any vacation there is always something to talk about, cheer about, laugh at, or startle about until your next trip.

What if you can experience a lifelong memory from your vacation? What if you experience a thriller that your friends will never believe when you talk about it? Isn’t that amazing?

The world we are in is full of wonders; so many adventures are waiting for you to step in. Isn’t that sound exciting? No need to wait any longer, here are the 10 most thrilling travel adventures you can add to your next vacation plan.

01. Plank Walk (Most dangerous hiking trail), China

Plank walk in mount Huashan also known as chankong plank trail is one of the oldest and one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world.

This is one of the oldest hiking trails and its beginning goes 700 years back. You will have to walk across wooden planks bolted into the eatern side of the South Peak of the Huashan mountain which is 7000 feet. Plank walk is 130 meters long and you will be harnessed to iron chains but still, it is terrifying.

If you are afraid of heights, or your legs are shaking in heights I would not recommend this to you. But if you beat the fear, it will give you a experience of a different level. It is recommended to try this trekking in the months of April, May, September and October due to weather conditions and local tourists.

02. Wing walking on an airplane in Essex, UK

Wing walking in Essex, UK is a one of the most unique travel adventures.

Yes, you read it correctly! Just 50 minutes drive from London there are airplanes that fly 1000 feet above the ground keeping you strapped outside the airplane. Even though I have named this Wing Walking in Essex, you can experience this thriller in many areas in UK.

There are height and weight requirements you have to fulfill before you step into this thriller. Even if you fulfill those you have to be a daredevil to face the wind and catch your breath on top of a 1940s biplane not only flying at 130mph but also twisting, turning and dipping while flying. This is one of the most unique travel adventures you can ever experience.

03. Skydiving over the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal

Skydiving over Mount Himalaya’s

Have you ever seen or experienced heaven? No? I guarantee you will see the heaven if you go on skydiving in Mount Everest. This sure is a unique, adrenaline filled and exclusive experience.

You will be falling from 14,000 feet at heart stopping speed. The wind in your face, open sky all around beneath the clouds, the Himalayas below you and adrenalin rush through your veins is a sensation you will never forget. You can literally swim in the air, twist and turn, fly like a bird and then the parachute opens and you glide the rest of the way down. The sight of the snowy Himalayas and the lakes and hills during this skydive is extraordinary.

04. Cave Diving in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Man diving in a c note in Yucatan peninsula in Mexico

If you are a scuba diving lover this will be the best diving experience you will ever get. But, you won’t be starting diving from the ocean; best diving journey is starting from flooded cave system through opening known as cenotes in deep in the jungle.

I won’t promise you colorful reef fish or corals, but you can witness a different sort of beauty in these dark cenotes. It will definitely be a unique diving experience you will ever get.

05. Base Flying in Berlin, Germany

Base flying at Park Inn Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Together with the Berlin city’s scenic view, Park Inn Hotel rooftop gives an unforgettable memory for your Central Europe trip. You won’t expect this type of adventure in a middle of a busiest city in the world. You will fall 400 feet down to the city street below you.

Trust me, if you can do it at night it will be more spectacular! This might be a wonderful addition to one of your European travel adventures.

06. Trekking Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

Trekking Matanushka Glacier is a family travel adventure that you can experience with your kids

Do you like to test your hiking skills? Can you bear the cold? Matanuska Glacier is the place for you. This 2.5 hour trip will take you to another world. You can really add many spectacular photo memories to your travel album.

You surely need to get the assistance from a tour guide to walk you through the thin ice and winding roads.

07. Hot Air balloon ride over Cappadocia Canyons, Turkey

Hot Air balloon ride over Cappadocia Canyons, Turkey is an amazing experience to take with your loved one’s

Among many ways to fly in the sky, I can say Riding Hot air balloon is the best. The reason, you can enjoy the view as much as you want, you can feel the wind, breathe the air while enjoying the most exciting experience.

Above all, riding a hot air balloon over Cappadocia Canyons in Turkey is one of a kind. You can witness the breathtaking view of Cappadocian landscapes together with hundreds of other air balloons flying with you.

08. Naked Bungee Jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Naked bungee jumpingover Kawarau bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand

Do you want to experience the next level of heart stopping bungee jumping? Leave your clothes beside and jump the Kawarau bungee completely naked.

You can feel the cold wind all over your body during 8 second fall of 141 feet through the Kawarau river valley wearing nothing but your jumping gears.

09. Volcano boarding down the Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua

Volcano boarding in Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua

Cerro Negro is a beautiful volcano rich with red iron, white magnesium and yellow deposits. But you are not there to do a chemistry research. You are there to get an experience of a lifetime.

45-60 minutes hike up to the volcano will treat you with cool breeze and amazing view. The volcano boarding will take you down 300 meters in less than a minute worth of a lifetime. Even though you get hand breaks, 65 mph ride won’t let you use it.

10. Ice Karting in Levi, Finland

Ice karting in Levi, Finland

Love racing? Love snow? How about racing in snow? You already feel it right? You can speed up to 60 mph in a cart containing 13 horse power engine. Now, you might feel it’s not speedy enough, but with the arctic breeze touching aside your chin and tricky drifting on ice won’t make it easy for you to drive.

This is one of the travel adventures you must include in your Arctic Circle trip.

We travel to bring unforgettable memories and experiences to our lives. We cannot predict the happiness of our lives, but we can plan and bring happiness to our lives. Therefore it is up to us to decide when to be happy and when to be sad. It is up to you to decide whether to stay at home just reading this or grab your gear and pursue these epic travel adventures and bring remarkable memories to your life.


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