tourist tax
La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain’s most frequented city, has announced an increase in its tourist tax, set to take effect on April 1, 2024. According to a report by SchengenVisaInfo, visitors to Barcelona will now face a city tax increase from €2.75 to €3.25, marking an 18% rise, or an additional €0.50.

In addition to the city tax, Euronews has reported that tourists will also be subjected to a regional tax, which fluctuates based on the accommodation type chosen. This regional tax ranges from €1.70 to €3.50 per night. Specifically, those opting for four-star hotels will incur a €1.70 charge per night; guests in rental properties will be charged €2.25, and those in five-star hotels will face a €3.50 fee per night. Cruise visitors who spend half a day in Barcelona will be charged €3 by the region, while a full day’s stay will cost them €2.

Moreover, the city tax, which applies to stays of one to seven consecutive nights, will see an increase from €2.75 to €3.25 starting in April 2024. This is a significant jump from the €1.75 charged in April 2023, illustrating an 85% increase, or a €1.5 rise, over two years.

To illustrate the cost impact, a visitor staying in a five-star hotel will now pay a combined nightly rate of €6.75, accounting for both city and regional taxes. This totals €47.25 for a week-long visit. For those in rental accommodations, the total nightly cost will be €5.50, amounting to €38.50 for a week. Cruise passengers in the city for 12 hours will pay a total of €6.25.

Barcelona aims to foster quality tourism rather than mass tourism with these price hikes, as highlighted by the city’s mayor. The tax is expected to generate €100 million in 2024, contributing significantly to the city’s budget. The mayor also noted that the economic impact of tourism has returned to its 2019 levels, with over 32 million people visiting Barcelona each year.

Similar tourist taxes are in place in other Spanish locales, such as the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera. Here, visitors above 16 years old are charged between €1 and €4 per night.