Alaska, though it is geographically located North West of Canada next to Yukon and British Colombia it is the 49th state of The United States of America. By area Alaska is the largest state in the US, and it is larger than areas of Texas, California, and Montana combined (The next three largest states in the US).

Juneau, the capital of Alaska is the second-largest city in the United States by area. An interesting fact is that Sitka, the former capital of Alaska is the largest US city by area. More than 2 million out-of-state travelers visit Alaska every year. Travelers visit Alaska because of the unique experiences they can get from this majestic land. Here are more surprisingly interesting facts about Alaska you might think of visiting Alaska on your next vacation.

1. There are more than 3 million lakes and 3000 rivers in Alaska.

There are more than 3 million lakes and over 3000 rivers in Alaska

Being the largest state in the US by area, Alaska carries 40% of the nation’s surface water resources. If you like to row a boat on calm lake or you want a speedy adventurous ride on a raft, Alaska is one of the best places for you.

14.2% of Alaska is covered by water which is 94,743 square miles. Iliamna, the largest lake in Alaska is 77 miles long, which is about wide as Connecticut. It is believed there is a legendary monster in Iliamna Lake. Please comment below if you know anything about this monster.

2. Alaska has 44,000 miles of tidal shorelines on three different seas.

Alaska has 44,000 miles of tidal shorelines on three different seas

From Maine to Texas, California to Washington you can find amazing beaches along the coastline for your weekend sunbathing. Would you believe that Alaska’s coastline is longer than the coastlines of the rest of the US combined together? Florida has the 2nd longest coastline after Alaska which is 8,436 miles which is only 20% of Alaska’s coastline.

The coastline faces the Arctic, Pacific oceans, and the Bering Sea. But still nice, relaxing sunbathing is doubt on these coastlines with the cold during the majority of the months.

3. The state flag of Alaska was designed by a 14-year-old.

State flag of Alaska

In 1927, out of 700 participants in a contest for designing the flag of the Territory of Alaska, Benny Benson when he was just 14 years old designed the well-known state flag and won the contest. He was awarded $1000 for his design.

4. The highest mountain in North America is located in Alaska.

Denali mountain is the highest mountain of United States

Denali which is 20,310 feet above sea level and also the highest peak in North America is in Alaska. Further out of the 20 highest peaks 17 of those are in Alaska.

It says that Alaska has more than 100 potentially active volcanoes. But since 1900 eruptions are recorded only a few times. The most violent eruption took place in 1912.

5. Alaska has an estimated 100,000 glaciers. 

Giant glacier in Alaska

There are active glaciers and ice fields than in the other parts of the world. Some of these glaciers are 1000 years old. If you like to witness beautiful blue glaciers, Alaska is a promising place for you.

Looking at the number, you might think Alaska is full of glaciers. It’s incorrect. Only 5% of Alaska is covered by glaciers which are 29,000 square miles.

6. You can watch Northern Lights in Alaska.

Aurora Borealis in a winter night in Alaska

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is the sky’s most amazing creation. It says you can watch the Northern Lights 243 days of the year in Alaska. That is more than 8 months a year. This is a must-do on your trip to Alaska!

7. Dog Mushing is the state sport of Alaska.

Man preparing a sled pulled by dogs

Do you like riding a sled pulled by dogs on snow? Alaska is the ideal place for that. Dog mushing or dog sledding was once a primary transportation method in many parts of Alaska.

If you can visit Alaska during March you can watch the dog sledding race of 938 miles that takes place for 8-15 days also this is the largest sports event in the state.

These are just a few about wonderful land of Alaska. If you discover more you will definitely find more interesting facts about Alaska. Alaska is an amazing vacation place for anyone excited about unbelievable experiences. You can add Alaska to your bucket list locations and I promise it will be an unforgettable journey.